Guest artists

Anne Christensen :: Bev Pemberton :: Jola Jarecki
Leslie Bolin
:: Otto (Grampa) Rosner :: Pat & Ilse Baker

Marie Nagel Art Gallery in Wells features these B.C. artists and gift items: 

  • Rocky Mountain Trekking sticksGallery interior

  • Hand-made paper cards by Pam

  • Easy listening CDs

  • Allen des Noyers CDs

  • Pressed flower cards by Jola

  • Hand-painted bookmarks and magnets

  • Hand-painted cards

  • Printed cards of paintings by Marie Nagel

  • Scarves by Eileen Whitford

  • Mosquitoes by Bruce Baycroft

  • Jola's hats

  • Wells pencils & pins

  • Art supplies

Anne Christensen
Prince George, B.C.

Anne has been working with clay since 1992, and says she is mesmerized by the feeling of clay as it moves through her fingers. "So little touch, so much response". Her main focus is functional stoneware  fired in a gas kiln with some work in stoneware fired in an electric kiln, as well as non-functional work in Raku and Pitfire.

Bev Pemberton
Williams Lake, B.C.

In 1978 Bev took her first pottery course and became hooked on clay. Since then she has taken many workshops from well-known clay artists from across Canada. Bev likes to experiment with different processes and finds working with clay an on-going learning experience.

Jola Jarecki
Nature Photographer
Wells, B.C.

Jola’s photographs capture the essence of the natural beauty of the Wells, Barkerville, Bowron Lake landscape as well as the character of the unique buildings and structures in this historic gold mining area.

Leslie Bolin
Clay Artist
Heffley Lake, B.C.

A native of California, Leslie moved to British Columbia after completing her BFA in 1975. Her studio gallery is adjacent to her home on Heffley Lake. As a contemporary artist, she combines conventional technology and primitive processes Raku, electric and pit fired clay work. As a potter, photographer, and poet, she juxtaposes form, images, and word. The symbol of the salmon as a metaphor for journey is a recurrent image in her work. She is passionate about art making.

Otto (Grampa) Rosner
Prince George, B.C.

As a boy of 13, Otto Rosner learned the art of making baskets for the potato harvest in his native Ukraine. During long years working in coal mines and doing semi-legal church work in Estonia, he forgot the art. When his sisters brought him to central British Columbia in 1990, he noticed the abundant willow supply. With much practice, he relearned the techniques involved in finishing a piece of basketry.

Pat & Ilse Baker
Prince George, B.C.

Pat Baker is a self-taught craftsman and been making objects from wood as a full-time occupation since 1981. In 1993, his wife Ilse joined him in the workshop and together they have been creating individual hand-crafted furniture, bowls and turnings. They prefer to use native woods such as pine and birch in the furniture and maple, cherry and birch burl in their turnings. Their home and workshop is in a rural setting next to the Nechako River in Prince George.

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